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Track employee performance faster and increase workforce engagement with Accomplish EP .

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Performance Management Software for
Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

For maximum Business growth, it’s essential to have a productive, engaged, and inclusive workforce along with prospering company culture. Achieve this dream with our most reliable performance management software tool that lets you track performance goals and engage your workforce with ease. As a part of our integrated HCM suite, our performance tool automates your review and feedback processes to ensure continuous employee development and growth.

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Accomplish EP

Corporate Performance Management Software Features

Useful features to help you track and improve employee performance with zero hassle

360-Degree Reviews

  • manageUsers can check past reviews and improve performance
  • manageSkill matrix charts and rating scales
  • manage360-degree feedback from peers, supervisors, and managers
  • manageSelf-assessment and continuous improvement

Accomplish EP

Customized Reports

  • manageManagers can receive data-rich, customized reports
  • manageManagers can check ratings and metrics through reports
  • manageManagers can assess the employees’ performance history to see if they’ve improved overtime or not.


Real-time Surveys

  • manageGather real-time feedback about project timelines or progress from teams.
  • manageIncrease employee engagement level by understanding their concerns on a regular basis
  • manageImprove strategic decision-making with workforce pulse survey

Accomplish EP

Goal Tracking

  • manageSet, track, and manage individual employee goals
  • manageUse SMART, cascaded or metric-based goals
  • managePrioritize goals on a rating scale.


Why Choose Accomplish EP ?

Set Performance Goals

Manage performance expectations, set new goals and provide real-time feedback to employees.

Skill / Performance Matrix

Set SMART or metric-based goals for employees and encourage them to achieve those goals in time.

Engage Employees

Align your business goals with employee career goals to ensure superior engagement.

Succession Planning

Identify and groom talent to plan your company’s future with powerful HR performance management tools.

Accomplish EP More with Our HCM Suite

Accomplish EP is a complete people platform with separate modules for HR, Benefits, and Payroll.


Full-service Payroll

Run payroll in minutes with zero errors and pay employees on time. Automated tax filing, compliance, and more.

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Benefits Admin

Seamless benefits administration and employee self-service tools to build a healthier workplace.

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Core HR

Streamline recruiting, on-boarding and employee management tasks with powerful HR tools.

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Our Clients Love Accomplish EP

Accomplish EP is a complete performance management tool with powerful succession planning and goal tracking tools

Erik Zak


Be it tracking team productivity, setting goals, or generating insightful performance reports - Accomplish EP automates most of the tasks. It’s a “must-have” performance management tool.

Brett Knowles


360-degree feedback and smart goal-setting capabilities of Accomplish EP makes it an ideal solution for small businesses like ours.

Jacob Smith

United Kingdom

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