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With technology innovation and business advancements, there is a rising need for a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. However, professional services often struggle to find qualified talent. Hence, the client-driven technology and professional industry demands a high focus on HR and human capital management. After all, experienced professionals are the primary asset to deliver projects efficiently. Accomplish EP is a trusted and best-in-class HR platform for technology and professional services, helping you recruit and retain top talent. Create an engaging work environment and experience for your employees while reducing manual processes.

From upskilling your pool of employees and supporting virtual onboarding to offering an employee self-service portal, our all-in-one platform has got it all. With the right technology in place to get your HR job done and dedicated expert guidance, Accomplish EP is your growth partner.

Technological And Professional
Industry HR Solutions

Safeguarding Valuation

We help you evaluate per employee per month administrative cost structure so that you can keep your company’s market value intact and solid. With extensive risk mitigation and compliance management features, you can eliminate statutory issues.

Payroll Processing Accomplish EP

Offer the Best to Employees

Stand out from the crowd on this competitive labor market by offering attractive benefits plans and compensation packages to employees. Use our HR and payroll solution to get detailed insight into employee experience and make informed decisions.


Perfect Day One for Employees

Employees experience starts as soon as they send applications before they walk through your office door. Let them know that they are in the right place in their initial days of joining by creating a streamlined and engaging experience for them.

Perfect-Day Accomplish EP

Drive Transparency

Ensure open communication and transparency across the organization for a thriving work culture. Make your employees feel valued by encouraging impactful and regular feedback from them and foster connection with our collaboration tools.


Benefits of HR Solutions for
The Technology and Professional Industry


Accomplish EP is designed to meet the needs of technology and professional services so you can focus on your clients instead of the HR side of your business.

Recruit the
Right Talent

Right members in your team can make all the difference for your business, drive efficiency and help you gain a competitive edge. Our HR software assists you hire top talent through an effective interview process.

Complex Problems

Accomplish EP offers easy access to real-time data to make better workforce decisions. You can get a deeper understanding of turnover rate, pay equity, etc., to manage your labor costs.


Our dedicated team guides you through ACA compliance and ensures that you meet all the requirements. We help you generate correct reports and offer filing services to avoid financial consequences and fines.

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Our Customers Love Accomplish EP

Accomplish EP is an excellent HR and benefits solution that simplifies our daily workforce management tasks.

Erik Zak


Accomplish EP helps us select benefits plans that suit our business and employee needs easily. It helps us save time and reduce administrative work while staying compliant.

Brett Knowles


Accomplish EP HCM software lets us deliver a consumer-driven employee experience across the organization. It’s easy to set up and improves team collaboration and productivity greatly.

Jacob Smith

United Kingdom

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